The ‘Cypress Habitat’ mural, 12′ x 36′, acrylic on canvas, © Brown-Wing ’97. This is one of 5 murals designed as an integral part of the education program about seasonal change in American habitats.

Front and center are my Nana, my Aunt Bea on the left and an education docent on the right.

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The round room divides into 3 classrooms by 4′ x 12′ panels that accordion open and closed as needed. The panels covered by canvas were backed with metal. The murals were painted onto the panels and designed for children to apply magnetic images of animals directly to the murals.

Brown-Wing Murals and Exhibit Projects

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The Habitat Murals Project

Marco Polo Project

The Villa Doors Project

The Flower Show Project

The Costa Rica Travel Project



The Chalkboard Project

The Interns Projects

Residential Murals