Illustrated Children’s Books by Katherine Brown-Wing

“Esther Williams would have been right at home in these effulgent,

Technicolor watercolor that depicts the many and varied denizens of the deep…”   Publisher’s Weekly, 91

At Home in the Coral Reef, Katie Muzic, and illustrated by Katherine Brown-Wing, Charlesbridge Publishing Co.

This illustrated non-fiction book was intended for reading programs and eventually was published in Spanish for reading programs in latin communities.


“… A very well done book, with wonderful illustrations…”    American Bookseller, Pick of the List, 8/92


“… color illustrations that immediately draw and hold one’s attention.

… It’s message of human care for this troubled but important ecosystem is strong,

but it is the illustrations that will make the deeper impression.” Science Books and Films 8/92




“The vivid colour illustrations in At Home in the Coral Reef will appeal to children of all ages…

The illustrations are visually appealing yet scientifically correct. …

At Home in the Coral Reef is well thought out, beautifully illustrated and scientifically accurate.”

Green Teacher 31

“Beautiful, luminescent illustrations accompany solid explorations of the different worlds

and environments of coral reefs…”    Children’s Bookwatch, The Midwest Book Review 6/92

Amazin Insects, by L. Patricia Kite, illustrated by Katherine Brown-Wing, Houghton Mifflin Publishers. This children’s book is also one in a series of books for reading programs.

Living Lights, Chinese edition

Living Lights, by Michael Filiski, illustrated by Katherine Brown-Wing, by Crown Books for young Readers.

This non-fiction children’s nature book was also published in Chinese, their printed edition glowed in the dark!

What Seahorse Saw, by Robin Bernard, illustrated by Katherine Brown-Wing, Houghton Mifflin Publishers. This book is also in the reading series with Amazing Insects.

Mysterious Ocean Highways, by Deborah Heiligman, contributed illustrations by Katherine Brown-Wing, Turnstone Publishing Group.