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Kate Brown-Wing, an artist and illustrator since 1986, is a seasoned professional.

Her start in the field of Illustration began at the

Harvard Museum of Natural History- specifically the Museum of Comparative Zoology,

where she worked as a curatorial assistant and then as a freelance illustrator. Her work at the Museum

served as a wonderful foundation in biological science and provided

the opportunity to work with world-renowned scientists.


Brown-Wing’s illustrations have been published;

-as small as a trout stamp and as large as a classroom wall,

and have been utilized in several fields:

Scientific; General non-fiction; Children’s non-fiction; Educational; Institutional; Environmental; Commercial/product.


Among Brown-Wing’s clients are:

The Harvard Museum of Natural History,

The American Museum of Natural History, United States Fish and Wildlife Department,

WGBH/Nova, and the Orvis Co.


Publishers include:

Houghton Mifflin, A.A. Knopf, Little, Brown and Co., Crown Books for Young Readers.


Brown-Wing has been an instructor for Public Programs:

The DeCordova Museum of Art,

The Newport Art Museum, The Fuller Museum of Art

At Harvard- Brown-Wing has traveled as a co-leader for the travel program,

traveling to the Galapagos. Tanzania, and Costa Rica.

Brown-Wing offers workshops to adults, families and children –

please visit www.Brown-WingArtStudios.com for the range of offerings.


Brown-Wing now lives in VA, and continues to illustrate,

and paint murals and present workshops and classes that inspire!